The Definitive Country By Country Guide to Watching the 2018 FIFA World Cup in NYC


On June 14th, the world will tune into the most viewed spectacle on our planet, the FIFA World Cup. Although the United States failed to qualify for the World Cup, leaving millions of Americans wondering who to support, New York City is one of the most diverse cities in the entire world, and as a celebration to the World Cup and this City’s great diversity I have created this article as a guide for watching the World Cup. The World Cup itself is a celebration of the coming together of nations, regardless of their political views, religious views, cultures or socioeconomic status, to play the worlds only truly global game – football.

As diverse as New York City is, I still found it difficult to find some standalone spots that would represent some of the nations involved in this edition of the tournament and instead I opted for places I know were fanatical about football. Due to the timing of some of the matches, not all of the establishments I have featured will be open for every match, for that I suggest you call before heading to them. For the places I featured, I strived to find places that valued authenticity of the crowd they were expecting to attract. That means that some of these places will have crowds that are known for drinking beer by the gallons, while other places will have crowds that drink mint tea by the pot.

I wrote this article for people who moved away from home looking for somewhere to watch the match with their compatriots. I also wrote this article for people who may have studied or worked abroad in a foreign country and wanted to relive some of the atmosphere they experienced while out of the country. Essentially, I wrote this article for everybody. At all of these establishments that I have contacted, owners and managers have ensured me that everybody is welcome at their place of business. That’s how it should be for something so unifying like the World Cup, and that is something that is mirrored here in New York City. Everybody is welcome and everyone should enjoy the cup!

Group A


Russia Cafe Euroasia

Café Euroasia

602 Brighton Beach Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11235

Group Game’s Local Day/Time: 6/14 11 AM; 6/19 2 PM; 6/25 10 AM

Host Russia’s chances in the World Cup may be limited to an exit in the group stage but that wont stop the predominantly Russian-speaking neighborhood of Brighton Beach from getting behind their nation. While Russia is the lowest ranked side competing in this edition of the World Cup you can never discount the power the home fans will give to their athletes, especially with a group as unpredictable as Group A. Attendees of Café Euroasia in Brighton beach will be hoping the same while enjoying the lowkey backdrop of a very traditional Russian spot that serves borscht, shashlik and morkova salad.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia


172 Atlantic Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Group Game’s Local Day/Time: 6/14 11AM; 6/20 11:00 AM; 6/25 10 AM

Finding a permanent standing Saudi Arabian restaurant in the five boroughs simply wasn’t a feasible task for me nor the Saudi Arabian Consulate’s Cultural Officer. Hadramout serves up Yemeni food from the Arabian Peninsula. With TVs and almost always open, come here to watch Saudi Arabian matches in a relaxed setting.


Egypt Spot

Egyptian Coffee Shop

25-09 Steinway St
Astoria, NY 11103

Group Game’s Local Day/Time: 6/15 8 AM; 6/19 2 PM; 6/25 10 AM

Proudly advertised as the first hookah lounge in America, Egyptian Coffee Shop, located in the predominantly Arab neighborhood of Astoria, will be home to Egyptian fans looking to see breakout star Mohammed Salah lead their football crazy nation out of the group stages. Egyptian Coffee Shop passes on the glitz and glam of fancy hookah bars scattered throughout the five boroughs for a more traditional setting. Here you’ll find the same kind of authenticity in setting that you would find walking the streets of Cairo. Settle into your seats, order up a few mint teas and your hookah flavor of choice while cheering on the Pharaohs to victory.




221 S 1st St
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Group Game’s Local Day/Time: 6/15 8 AM; 6/20 11 AM; 6/25 10 AM

Tabaré will be the scene to watch Uruguay manager Óscar Tabárez’s men go into their group matches as considerable favorites. Located in Williamsburg, this cash and Amex only accepting spot will be running specials during Uruguay’s matches, serving breakfast and happy hour, which includes $4 beers, $5 wines and $6 cocktails. Their menu for the games is still being curated but we hope to be able to sink our teeth in their delicious beef empanadas while watching Luis Suarez focus on not sinking his in any Russian, Saudi, or Egyptian players.

Group B




139 Nassau Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Group Game’s Local Day/Time: 6/15 2 PM; 6/20 8 AM; 6/25 2 PM

While most of the Tri-State’s Portuguese population lives in Newark, this Brooklyn gem serves up Portuguese styled dishes in the primarily Polish neighborhood of Greenpoint. Raizes is sports crazed as well, a sprawling bar with multiple TVs makes this a go-to spot to enjoy Portuguese inspired char-flamed Churrasco and Ronaldo’s eight-pack.



La Nacional – Spanish Benevolent Society

239 W 14th St
New York, NY 10011

Group Game’s Local Day/Time: 6/15 2 PM; 6/20 2 PM; 6/25 2 PM

NYC is home to an array of Spanish social clubs. La Nacional, the oldest in the city – around since 1868, lead to this particular part of the city being referred to as Little Spain. The restaurant itself, however, has been under renovation for two years and La Nacional plans to show off their new space at the same time that La Furia Roja kicks off what they hope to be a long and fruitful World Cup campaign. La Nacional serves traditional Spanish Tapas as well as Paellas and Spanish beers and wines.



Casa Lounge

2557 Steinway St
Astoria, NY 11103

Group Game’s Local Day/Time: 6/15 11 AM; 6/20 8 AM; 6/25 2 PM

Located in the Moroccan part of Queens, Steinway Street boasts a large amount of Moroccan hookah houses, cafes and restaurants. Casa Lounge is a no frills establishment that is passionate about Moroccan football. The interior has a few TVs and an open backyard area. A very laid back establishment that will have you thinking of Cafés from Meknes to Fez to Chefchaouen.


Iran 1

Pars Grill House & Bar

249 W 26th St
New York, NY 10001

Group Game’s Local Day/Time: 6/15 11 AM; 6/20 2 PM; 6/25 2 PM

Pars Grill House provides the perfect place to watch Team Melli navigate a very difficult group. Ghormeh Sabzi along with all the traditional Persian favorites like Koobideh are served in a relaxed dining room setting. If you do want to get your drink on, Pars Grill House has a full bar where you can knock back a few Bourbons in a discreet Persian restaurant in Chelsea.

Group C



Bar Tabac

128 Smith St
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Group Game’s Local Day/Time: 6/16 6 AM; 6/21 11 AM; 6/26 10 AM

Les Bleus commence their World Cup campaign at 6 AM local time against Australia but that won’t stop this French Bistro from bleating out La Marseillaise into the early morning sky of Cobble Hill. Open for all the matches, serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as an array of traditional and house cocktails. The French National Team is maturing into their golden age and they boast the youngest player in the tournament Kylian Mbappe. Expect some dancing – especially from Fortnite enthusiast and star player Antoine Griezmann. Cash and Amex are the only forms of payment.



The Australian

20 W 38th St
New York, NY 10018

Group Game’s Local Day/Time: 6/16 6 AM; 6/21 8 AM; 6/26 10 AM

While Australian’s passions run deeper with sports like Rugby and Aussie Rules Football, The Australian will be packed with sports crazy Socceroos fans. The Australian will be showing every World Cup match and boasts an extensive kitchen. Australian cuisine has been influenced by many cultures and The Australian‘s menu definitely reflects that. In a sea of Midtown pubs, The Australian brings new twists to pub food. If you have it in you try the Roo Burger, their 6 oz kangaroo patty topped with brie cheese and caramelized onions.




615 Manhattan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Group Game’s Local Day/Time: 6/16 12 PM; 6/21 8 AM; 6/26 10 AM

Tørst is the Danish word for thirst – if you find yourself in this Greenpoint site that absolutely prides themselves on beer, come thirsty. Tørst has a full food menu, 21 constantly rotating taps and over 250 bottles in the cellar. While Tørst doesn’t have any specific plans to open up before their regular store hours, they will be screening Denmark’s opening fixture on their projector, should Denmark make it to the later stages of the tournament there will be more opportunities for visits.




The Inkan

4502 23rd St
Long Island City, NY 11101

Group Game’s Local Day/Time: 6/16 12 PM; 6/21 11 AM; 6/26 10 AM

For good Peruvian food in a nice quiet ambience while checking out the match come to The Inkan. The restaurant draws in a sizable Peruvian crowd during matches and should the weather permit, the restaurant shows matches on a projector setup in their backyard.

Group D



Boca Juniors

8108 Queens Blvd
Elmhurst, NY 11373

Group Game’s Local Day/Time: 6/16 9 AM; 6/21 2 PM; 6/26 2 PM

Boca Juniors, named after Boca Juniors, arguably the most popular club in Argentina. This is the spot to come enjoy traditional Argentinian asado, with meats imported straight from Mendoza, while enjoying a lively football experience. Argentina fans will be turning out in droves in hopes that their team can one-up the performance they put on in the previous edition of the World Cup, when they placed as runner-ups. When you walk into the restaurant you will find pictures of classic football moments, jerseys of famous Argentines and a plethora of TVs.



Anable Basin

4-40 44th Dr
Long Island City, NY 11101

Group Game’s Local Day/Time: 6/16 3 PM; 6/21 2 PM; 6/26 2 PM

While many of the purely Croatian sports pubs in the city are membership based, this public space provides breathtaking views of Midtown, NY with reasonably priced drinks to match. The owners of this spot are all from the former Yugoslavia and it has built up a following with fellow compatriots. They will be showing almost all of the matches during the World Cup in a wide open setting.



Bloom Tavern

208 E 58th St
New York, NY 10022

Group Game’s Local Day/Time: 6/16 9 AM; 6/22 11 AM; 6/26 2 PM

Bloom Tavern will be home of all of the Icelandic Consulate’s viewing parties during their World Cup campaign. After forming a bond with the consulate three years ago, prior to Iceland’s wonder-run during the European Championships, Bloom Tavern has agreed to be the home of Icelandic Football’s viewing parties. Everyone is welcome however, and I recommend that you join them in their inaugural World Cup. They will be serving Icelandic beers and spirits and, of course, performing their memorable thunderclap.




946 Fulton St
Brooklyn, NY 11238

Group Game’s Local Day/Time: 6/16 3 PM; 6/22 11 AM; 6/26 2 PM

Buka prides itself on being an authentic Nigerian restaurant. In that regard, they serve dodo, fufu and efo and claim to be the best Nigerian restaurant in NY. The Super Eagles play their games at somewhat favorable times for the NYC local population and Buka is proud to be opening for all of their matches. Be prepared to see some of the coolest kits in the World Cup to go along with the vibrancy of the matches, as Nike has treated the Nigerian National Team to a very retro looking shirt.

Group E



Miss Favela

57 S 5th St
Brooklyn, NY 11249

Group Game’s Local Day/Time: 6/17 2 PM; 6/22 8 AM; 6/27 2 PM

For matches of La Seleção, Miss Favela is the spot to catch all of the samba inspired theatrics for the ever-favorited tournament mainstays, Brazil. Miss Favela entertains with DJs, Samba dancing, caipirinhas and a delicious menu of Brazilian classics. Miss Favela will be open for all of Brazil’s matches, including their 8 AM match against Costa Rica, where they will serve brunch.



Cafe Select

212 Lafayette St
New York, NY 10012

Group Game’s Local Day/Time: 6/17 2 PM; 6/22 2 PM; 6/27 2 PM

This unsuspecting establishment serves Swiss food in a speakeasy type setting. The place itself is modeled after restaurants in Switzerland that are located inside of train stations. With the Swiss playing on the TV located at the bar and wonderful food items inspired by Swiss cuisine, you will feel like you were back.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Studio Square

35-33 36th St
long Island City, NY 11106

Group Game’s Local Day/Time: 6/17 8 AM; 6/22 8 AM; 6/27 2 PM

Finding a Costa Rican spot in the city was a difficult task as most of the standalone places have moved on from the five boroughs. There are a few restaurants in New Jersey that serve food inspired by the Pura Vida. If you’re a Costa Rican fan looking for somewhere to watch 2014 World Cup surprise sweethearts, Studio Square provides you with an open beer garden to support your team. Studio Square will open everyday during the World Cup at 7:30 AM. They are charging a cover charge depending on the match at hand so do give them a call ahead if that’s something that you are wondering about.




116 Ave C
New York, NY 10009

Group Game’s Local Day/Time: 6/17 8 AM; 6/22 2 PM; 6/27 2 PM

Kafana serves classic Serbian and Croatian eats in a cozy setting that feels well tended to and loved. Kafana serves a variety of Croatian wines which are out of this world. There are not a lot of standalone Serbian restaurants in the city, this one is passionate about its football and ready to host people looking to support The Eagles.

Group F



Radegast Hall

113 N 3rd St
Brooklyn, NY 11249

Group Game’s Local Day/Time: 6/17 11 AM; 6/23 2 PM; 6/27 10 AM

Join the folks at Radegast Hall to watch the current World Cup champions defend their title and attempt to become just the third team in history to win back to back World Cups. Located in Williamsburg, this sprawling beerhall is home to massive screens, a huge tap selection and great food.



Taqueria Coatzingo

7605 Roosevelt Ave
Jackson Heights, NY 11372

Group Game’s Local Day/Time: 6/17 11 AM; 6/23 11 AM; 6/27 10 AM

Screens on every wall, delicious food and reasonable prices, what else do you need? To get an authentic feeling experience watching El Tri join the people at Taqueria Coatzingo which is located on Roosevelt Ave, one of the five boroughs fastest growing Mexican areas. The street on Roosevelt Ave is lined up with Mexican establishments so expect a huge release of energy following goals by Mexico.



Banter Bar

132 Havemeyer St
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Group Game’s Local Day/Time: 6/18 8 AM; 6/23 2 PM; 6/27 10 AM

Not only is Banter Bar a good scene for Sweden fans looking for a place to watch their matches, but it’s a good location for all fans of the FIFA World Cup. Swedish bars are unfortunately just not a thing in NYC, although Swedish coffee shops are, and so Banter Bar it is. Banter checks all of the boxes for football fans. Beers from a lot of the countries represented in the World Cup, great food, and urinals with soccer balls and goals in them so you can pee your way to victory. I recommend that all aspiring Diego Maradona’s refrain from using their Hand of God to put the ball in the urinal goal.

South Korea

South Korea

Kum Gang San BBQ

138-20 Northern Blvd
Flushing, NY 11354

Group Game’s Local Day/Time: 6/18 8 AM; 6/23 11 AM; 6/27 10 AM

Located in Flushing, Queens, this 24 hour Korean BBQ spot will be showing all of South Korea’s World Cup matches. Kum Gang San will be hosting World Cup matches in their private room on a projector. Alcohol won’t be served and they will be opting for small plates in the back should you be hungry.

Group G



Café BXL

125 W 43rd St
New York, NY 10036

Group Game’s Local Day/Time: 6/18 11 AM; 6/23 8 AM; 6/28 2 PM

For a Time Square pub, the prices here are fairly reasonable and there is a high level of authenticity. This pub really acts and feels like a bar in the middle of Brussels. There are plenty of Belgian beers to choose from as well as an extensive menu with same great eats such as the mussels and fries. Belgian fans will be filling the pub in hopes that their golden generation of Premier League stars can do the business against the English stars they will know so well.




111 Avenue A
New York, NY 10009

Group Game’s Local Day/Time: 6/18 11 AM; 6/24 8 AM; 6/28 2 PM

While a Panamanian bar/restaurant was difficult to come across, there is a plethora of Central American and Pan-American restaurants in the city. Yuca will be showing games while serving up delicious food like their platano relleno which is a sweet plantain filled with shredded pork. Drinks are good too! They’ll be open for all but one of Panama’s matches, the one against England.



Casa Lounge

2557 Steinway St
Astoria, NY 11103

Group Game’s Local Day/Time: 6/18 2PM; 6/23 8 AM; 6/28 2 PM

Same as with the Moroccan national team, this sports crazy hookah lounge should be your home for Tunisia matches. The amount of North Africans in the area will be enough to give you an authentic feeling match day as you watch Tunisia attempt to navigate a very difficult group for them.


England Chels

Football Factory at Legends

6 W 33rd St
New York, NY 10001 (in the basement)

Group Game’s Local Day/Time: 6/18 2 PM; 6/24 8 AM; 6/28 2 PM

Jack Keane has made the Football Factory at Legends into the thing of folklore. With over 30 supporter groups calling the Football Factory home it’s safe to say that this pub takes its fans and its football seriously. One of those 30 supporter groups is that of the Three Lions, and they’ll be singing “football’s coming home.” They serve great food, alcohol, and will be open for all of the World Cup matches. Although this is my England selection, fans of South American teams Colombia, Peru, Argentina and Brazil will fill this place to the brim this summer as they do all throughout the year while supporting their domestic leagues.

Group H


Poland 1


853 Manhattan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Group Game’s Local Day/Time: 6/19 11 AM; 6/24 2 PM; 6/28 10 AM

Christina’s has been a neighborhood staple in Brooklyn’s Polish neighborhood of Greenpoint for 25 years. They will be waiting with open arms for fans of the Polish National Team as they look to fight their way out of a tough and mysterious group. Go see Christina and Yuri as they serve up Żywiec and authentic polish food. Manhattan Avenue is sure to be a sea of red and white.



Harlem Tavern

2153 Frederick Douglass Blvd
New York, NY 10026

Group Game’s Local Day/Time: 6/19 11 AM; 6/24 11 AM; 6/28 10 AM

Known for it’s lively atmosphere during football matches, the Harlem Tavern gets busy and draws a huge African crowd. Featuring TVs on every wall, as well as projectors, the Harlem Tavern provides customers with a beer garden to enjoy the match outside.



El Basurero

32-17 Steinway St
Astoria, NY 11103

Group Game’s Local Day/Time: 6/19 8 AM; 6/24 2 PM; 6/28 10 AM

El Basuero is perhaps the mecca of Colombian football watching in the NYC area. Colombians come out in passionate waves to watch matches at this very quirky looking spot. Basuero means dump in Spanish and the aesthetics of this place give off that impression, but it certainly isn’t dumpy when it comes to their passion for putting on a good viewing experience. If you can’t make it out to Astoria for Colombia’s opener, make your way over to the Football Factory to watch the match with Jack and the Colombia supporters.



Ikinari Steak

90 E 10th St
New York, NY 10003

Group Game’s Local Day/Time: 6/19 8 AM; 6/24 11 AM; 6/28 10 AM

An authentic Japanese steak house in the East Village can provide the perfect viewing place for Japan’s second group game in the tournament. Should they make it out of the group then there will be more opportunities to watch matches at this casual steakhouse. For other places in the same area be sure to check out The Grafton.















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